The average time for receiving an order is 15-30 minutes. maximum 24 hours
You will receive an email with the link on the order. Be sure to enter a valid email address.
Recommendations for working with accounts can be found here: https://accsbazar.com/accounts-guidelines/
Softreg are accounts that are registered automatically using special programs.
The fresher the account, the more it is sensible to actions in the first days of use, and more likely to ask for phone verification at login or after a few actions. The more aged, the more it can endure. However, while aged accounts can easily accept login from other locations and resist at more daily actions, it is safer to warm up any account regardless of age, like proceeding with only a few actions daily, for a few days. If fresh accounts are warmed up properly, in time they can be as much as effective as aged accounts.
All numbers on which accounts are registered are temporary and do not belong to us. We do not have access to them, so we will not be able to check the account.

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